Texecom Connect SmartCom

Texecom Connect SmartCom

Connect your panel to any local area network with Texecom Connect SmartCom.

The Texecom Connect SmartCom is an Ethernet and WiFi communicator that facilitates  the Texecom Connect experience by connecting any Premier Elite control panel to a local area network.

Texecom Connect SmartCom integrates with Texecom’s flagship security systems, the Premier Eliteconnect-wal2l Series, to allow you to take direct control of your home and your security. Control the operation of your security system, receive notifications of system events and monitor cameras or activity from anywhere in the world.   Communicating exclusively using outbound connections, The Texecom Connect SmartCom removes the need to open any router ports, ensuring simplicity of installation and maximum security.  As such, any installation that has a reliable internet connection can benefit from Texecom Connect with the addition of the Texecom Connect SmartCom.  

Let HomeTech supply and install the Texecom Connect SmartCom to your intruder alarm giving you full control of your intruder alarm from your smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world.

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