Internal CCTV cameras

Internal CCTV cameras.

After installing a complex external HD cctv system at our clients home, in order to increase security while away on business, our client wanted some internal CCTV cameras.

With the new internal CCTV cameras required to cover the front door and kitchen area we had to ensure our cabling to the NVR located in the customers loft was completely hidden.  Hometech engineers achieved this by running cables under the floorboards and through a hidden cupboard into the loft area.

Below are some before and after pictures.

20171108_130738 20171108_130733 20171108_125008 20171108_125017 20171108_122437 20171108_115539

Our internal CCTV cameras can have built in audio allowing you to record both sound and video, we can also install covert CCTV cameras if required, such as smoke alarm cameras.

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