Installation of a wireless home alarm system

This week HomeTech supplied and installed a new wireless home alarm system into our client home in Bolton, Lancashire.

With the customers home being newly renovated we suggested a wireless system, this allows for a much easier and neater installation and there are no “messy” wires to run to the alarm panel.

Premier Elite Wireless Panel

Texecom Premier Elite Alarm Control Panel;

Texecom Premier Elite Alarm Control Panel;


Wireless Alarm Keypad

Using wireless entry / exit keypads allow you to have a keypad wherever is convenient to you, our systems can have multiple keypads, which also have proximity tags which allows a user to just hold a tag upto the keypad to activate / de-activate the alarm .


Wireless Alarm Keypad


Pet Friendly wireless PIR’s 

Using a wireless PIR make alarm installation and intruder protection much easier as we do not need to run “messy” alarm cable to and from each sensor.  The using wireless sensors also make it very easy to protect areas such a garden sheds and garages without running cables. 

Wireless Alarm PIR

Wireless Alarm PIR


Wireless External Bell House

With our wireless home alarm system we can supply both wired and wireless external sounders for your home alarm system.  These external sounders are also “Back-Lit” making to a real deterrent at night as it’s clearly visible.  

Wired or Wireless External Bell Sounder

Wired or Wireless External Bell Sounder


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