Home burglar alarm’s

Home Burglar AlarmThe peace of mind of a home burglar alarm.

Crime is a fact of life, and at HomeTech we know the true cost of burglary is not just what they take, it’s what is left behind. Our home burglar alarm systems are effective deterrents to burglars, and offer 24/7 protection to help you avoid the emotional trauma of being a victim.

From a HomeTech wireless Alarm systems complete with lifesaving smoke and poisonous gas detection, to our intelligent SmartCom home security and home automation solutions, choose one of our home security systems and get the best protection for what you hold dear.

Ricochet Wireless Technology

Wireless Alarm PIR

Wireless Alarm PIR

Choose a HomeTech home burglar alarm and you’re choosing protection that features the very latest security technology – because only the best is good enough when you’re securing what matters most to you.

Wireless Alarm systems also offer a very neat and easy installation with no “messy” wires to route around your home.

With today’s wireless technology don’t worry about battery life, our wireless PIR’s offer 2 – 3 years protection on a single battery.  Read more about the Ricochet wireless technology.




Easy Access and Control

Home Burglar Alarm

Wireless Keypad with Proximity Tag reader

Our home burglar alarm keypads incorporate a clear display and a proximity tag reader, which allows you to simply hold up your keyring “prox tag” and touch the keypad to enable or disable your alarm system with no need to enter a code, however, users also have a code if they wish to use this instead. 





Excellent Visual Deterrent

Backlit Alarm Bell Box

Backlit Alarm Bell Box

Show you’re serious about security, the mere sight of one of our back-lit alarm bell boxes is enough to put most burglars off targeting your home. Having such a visual deterrent on show helps reduce the risk to you and your family.

These alarm bell boxes are illuminated and also have alternating LED’s at the bottom, providing an excellent visual deterrent from anywhere on your street at night.


Smart Connect

Smart Connect Mobile App

No more wondering “did I set the alarm?”

Have you ever forgotten to set your home alarm or worried if the last person to leave the house remembered? Worry no more. With our Smart Connect  you can remotely set or unset your smart home burglar alarm system, and manage a range of home automation features, from almost anywhere.

If your alarm is triggered you will get an instant notification on your phone, even telling you what sensor has triggered the alarm.



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