Euro46 Intruder Alarm

Euro 46 Intruder Alarm

Introducing our Euro46 Wired Intruder Alarm

No matter what the size or scope of the requirements, the Euro 46 intruder alarm is a system to suit  your project. From a large household to a small office the Euro system can be configured to meet all your requirements

SMS Texting:
Keep control of your own alarm system with SMS reporting every time an activation occurs. Or receive a notification when certain user codes are entered, e.g. notifying you when children return home from school.
Wireless Peripherals:
Adding a wireless expander to your Euro 46 intruder alarm allows you to combine wired and wireless sensors on one control panel. Ideal for monitoring garages or outbuildings where wiring could be problematic.
Event Log:
The time and date stamped Event Memory Log stores information not only about alarm activation’s but also which user sets and unset the system.
Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC):
All our intruder alarm systems can be connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre, which are staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
The Upload/Downloading facility allows your installer to programme your control panel remotely, avoiding disruption to you.
Intelligent Arming:
The control panel recognises ‘home’ and ‘away’ modes and will set the system accordingly. For example if you were to set the alarm while in the house (home) and then walk out of the exit door, the system

The Euro 46 intruder alarm offers a traditional, robust security system, easily expandable and ideal in areas where a wireless signal may not be suited, or as an replacement to an existing wired security system.

shed Hybrid: The ultimate in flexibility & peace of mind:
Coupling your Euro 46 intruder alarm with a wireless expander, allows your home security system to utilise wireless detectors and safety sensors along side the traditional wired ones. Ideal to protect external buildings on your property or into places where installing a wired sensor could prove to be problematic.

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